Apr 11, 2019

Some times, you have to let your hands do the thinking.
#HandDrafting #Details #Architecture #BrainHands

Dec 22, 2018

We get a satisfying warm feeling when delivering a new design to retrofit a stubborn 100 year old residence.

People today and people in the past live differently and have different needs. Buildings reflect the needs of each era and suspend the space in them. It’s ideal when there is a design solution to modernize the client’s cherished place they call Home.

Also, every client has specific hopes, needs and desires which become the core seed of our designs. The challenge we are given as architects is to combine the needs of clients and find the solution among the many variables and constraints- function, aesthetic, comfort, materials, cost, ease of construction, code, ordinance etc.

In the beginning, these factors are not so clear but one by one, we define, revise and plug-in with the rest of the factors. After repeating this a couple of hundred(sometimes thousand) times, we arrive to the final design.

Our work is not over though. The project still needs to be built and we assist the contractor and client through construction.

When we see the satisfaction in the client’s face as the design is physically built, it is GOLDEN.

#TectsLLC #architecture #design #renovation #problemsolving #project #craft

Dec 17, 2018

Kindness Creators Intergenerational Program in Oak Park is amping up to open its childcare inside a senior residence!

Village of Oak Park has approved zoning and we are currently the preparing construction documents.

We are very thankful to be a part of this exciting project with the two forward thinking owners- @Jaime Johnson Moran and @Pam Lawrence.

Dec 14, 2018

#BeforeAndAfter #Draft #revised images of the sun filled cafe project mentioned in the previous post. The images show the progression of how the #schematic/pragmatic ideas evolve over the course of client meetings. #TectsLLC #architecture #design #renovation #sketch #revit #problemsolving #cafe #chicago #logansquare @ Logan Square, Chicago

Dec 12, 2018

Before and after images of a project in Chicago to convert an insurance office to an inviting and sun filled neighborhood cafe.

This tenant space is on a street corner with almost floor to ceiling storefront windows.

The owner’s concept is to strategically place hanging plants on the ceiling. Sitting under the vines raining from above in bright sun lit seating space will be so rejuvenating. #TectsLLC #architecture #design #renovation #sketch #revit #problemsolving #cafe #chicago @ Chicago, Illinois

Dec 10, 2018

A project to re-style a strong statement made by original architect:
This is a house designed by an architect for himself three decades ago. I can see what he wanted, what he was thinking in the existing idiosyncratic massing and detailes. He wanted to carry out the experiments he believed in. Two owners later, the current family client is brave to take possession of this house. Now they wish to re-claim it as their own by enhancing and modifying the original idiosyncrasies. By designing, I am going to pack this house with lots of love and joy for them! #TectsLLC #architecture #design #renovation #sketch #revit #problemsolving

Oct 11, 2018

Tects LLC

Jan 22, 2018

2. A proposed schematic based on existing plans. #architect #architecture #renovation #projects #retrofitting #local

Jan 19, 2018

1. Inputting the measurements. Existing conditions documentation for an OOOOLD shingle style house. #architect #architecture #renovation #projects #retrofitting #local

Jan 18, 2018

0.1. Taking some messy field measurements. We get a feel for the space. #architect #architecture #renovation #projects #retrofitting #local

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