We get a satisfying warm feeling when delivering a new design to retrofit a stubborn 100 year old residence.

Dec 22, 2018

People today and people in the past live differently and have different needs. Buildings reflect the needs of each era and suspend the space in them. It’s ideal when there is a design solution to modernize the client’s cherished place they call Home.

Also, every client has specific hopes, needs and desires which become the core seed of our designs. The challenge we are given as architects is to combine the needs of clients and find the solution among the many variables and constraints- function, aesthetic, comfort, materials, cost, ease of construction, code, ordinance etc.

In the beginning, these factors are not so clear but one by one, we define, revise and plug-in with the rest of the factors. After repeating this a couple of hundred(sometimes thousand) times, we arrive to the final design.

Our work is not over though. The project still needs to be built and we assist the contractor and client through construction.

When we see the satisfaction in the client’s face as the design is physically built, it is GOLDEN.

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